Our Space OdysseyLead the frontier era of space with our CubeSat technology


Space is always dark and unknown place for mankind yet mysterious. The era when space field where only limited national projects or big companies were able to touch had finished. The human thirst for reaching out of space now brings a chance for everyone on the planet to explore it.

The feeling of excitement and imagination for the word of “Space” is always common to mankind, and we would like to encourage that feeling to magnify to a giant leap into space.

WARPSPACE Inc. introduces a space friendly world, where everyone can enjoy space with their own style. Our team is developing a unique Smart Satellite and in the process of reducing various space business costs with our experienced engineering skills and expertise.


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Lead the frontier era of space with our CubeSat technology.

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Establish the telecommunication/data infrastructure for economic activity on outer space.

Our Services

Satellite business

1. Satellite business

Various satellite module *Ready for final space demonstration

Provide low cost satellite module which has passed the space environment qualification test to meet each need.

Mobile Ground Station *Prototype testing

Provide the high-tech Compact Ground Station for real-time space access. Easy to setup and use with a WEB based user interface. No ridiculous amounts of investments are required for satellite control.

Versatile Smart Satellite *Under development

Provide versatile Smart Satellite, CubeSat with memorial goods and electric circuit board for space demonstration

Space Service Business

2. Space Service Business

Space Memorial goods service *In service

Provide a service where memorial goods such as name plates can be sent and released in space by our Smart Satellite.

Space Game Platform *Under development *Patent pending

Through the development of a gaming platform satellite, provide a game which enables collections of items or “power-up” using signals from space.

Space Education Business

3. Space Education Business

Educational Antenna Kit *In service

Provide an Educational Antenna Kit consisting of antenna parts and USB stick radio which can receive signals from ham radio and weather satellite NOAA. Teach the fascination of space through building the antenna for educational purposes.

Board Member

Member  img  05

Board Chairman Toshihiro KAMEDA, Ph.D.

BA and MA in Engineering from the University of Tokyo. Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at North Carolina State University. Associate Professor at the University of Tsukuba.
Launched the Satellite Project “YUI” from the scratch in 2011 at the University of Tsukuba, and executed the satellite ITF-2 project. Through the development of ITF-2, the low-cost transceiver design idea was born, which led to the founding of WARPSPACE Inc. in 2016.

CEO Satoru Tsunemachi LL.M.

Inauguration in January 19. He started the first company at Tsukuba University (20 years old). He has been involved in launching four companies so far. (One company in Vietnam). He has mainly been in charge of business strategy, branding, legal affairs, finance, etc. as a founding member / executive of IT startup etc. Currently, he is also working as a multi-entrepreneur, and he fosters the next generation startup as a director at the incubation group organized by managers from Tsukuba University.


BA in Engineering, the University of Tsukuba.
Interested in space since childhood, he chose University of Tsukuba where even a freshman can join the satellite project. Akihiro led the university team toward the full-scale mission success of ITF-2 during his bachelor year. Specialized both in software and hardware, Akihiro leads the next generation CubeSat development with his past expertise from design, development to operation.
CTO of WARPSPACE Inc since 2016.


Startup born in University of Tsukuba

WARPSPACE Inc. was founded in August 2016 as a space field startup after 5 years
satellites development experiences at the University of Tsukuba, Japan

We have experienced two real satellite developments
and launch under the JAXA program.

In addition to our professional knowledge and experiences,
we pursue the space development for everyone through our close partnership with JAXA
and access to various research institutes located in Tsukuba Science City.

Founded Aug. 3, 2016
Address 2-5-1-203 Azuma, Tsukuba Science City,
Ibaraki, 305-0031, Japan
Overview Versatile Satellite Platform BusinessDesign and Development of SatelliteSpace Environment Test ServiceVarious support for Satellite AssemblySatellite control and Data acquisition


We are recruiting team mates to pursue space exploration together.
If you love space, believe in the potential of space business,
or have passion for business development based on technology,
please feel free to contact us!
*Open position recruiting